The initiative has started research & development and technology transfer activities since the first years of the cooperation. Studies were carried out for a while within the companies themselves and domestically with the support of Boğaziçi University. With the cooperation opportunities developed in China and Taiwan since 2016, these R&D studies have been carried out in these countries. These studies, which have reached the final product development stage, will be completed in the cleanroom and laboratory environment being established in Istanbul Technopark. The studies are academically supported by Boğaziçi University.
The studies on the development of production technology are essentially based on the strategy of transferring technological knowledge and experience to our country. Studies carried out for this purpose have been completed mainly. For this purpose, the initiative gained an important experience with technical and academic studies carried out especially in the Far East. The Production Technology strategic plan will take its final form during the pilot production phase to be carried out within our company established in Istanbul technopark.
It is aimed to complete all priority certifications for both the production facility and the product as soon as possible. Technical and documental preparations are being made for FDA and CE Certifications of the Neox Flat-Panel Detector to be produced. Applications will be made with the pilot production. Regarding the production facility, It is planned to provide all priority certifications, especially IEC 62220-1, TS EN 61223-3-2: 2011; EN 61223-3-2:1996.
Developing a network that will support the activities to be carried out in the fields of production and marketing has been determined as a priority target. For this purpose, venture partners have established an important network of relations by participating in many organizations and establishing co-workings, in the USA, Europe, and the Far East in the last ten years. Communications and agreements that will support the execution of technical production and marketing activities have been completed to a large extent.
Establishing and maintaining the supply chain are among the primary objectives of the Project Strategic Plan. The work carried out under this title has reached its final stage. Numerous national and international cooperation agreements have been signed.
Strategic management of Sales and Marketing activities is considered as one of the critical success objectives of the project. For this purpose, detailed analyzes for the national and international market have been completed. Strategic promotion and marketing targets determined based on these analyzes are carried out in parallel with R&D studies within a plan. It is aimed to start global marketing activities simultaneously with the pilot production.